cosmos chromosome


‘a delicious representation of the dawn of man’

Cosmos Chromosome is a multimedial dinner conceived by chef and artist Roger Ruhulessin. The overall concept consists of an ephemeral space, a 7 course dinner, plates and vessels designed in collaboration with the Sunday Morning@ekwc (European Ceramic Work Centre), video and audio soundscapes.
The dinner for up to 20 guests, gives a representation of the origin of the cosmos to the birth of man.

“I mean, a Western banquet recapitulates the history of the earth from primal broth through sea beast to land predators and flying creatures and ends with the evidence of human culture in cheese and artful puddings. Mahalingam’s diner was all brutal surprises”.

Earthly Powers, Anthony Burgess, 1980

In 2020 Roger will embark on a ‘dinner’ tour with Cosmos Chromosome throughout the Netherlands and abroad .
The accompanying book ‘cosmos chromosome – curious catalogue will be released mid 2020.

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cosmos chromosome  

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